Have you ever wanted to play an escape room alone?


Well, neither did we! It's why we created a multiplayer escape room platform,
so you can play with up to 6 people.

Tales Of Escape

Tales of Escape is a series of multiplayer, VR-optional, escape room adventures. This is the base game which includes "The Mine", the first of the stories, where you find yourselves trapped in a haunted mine with no way out. Fight against the clock to solve the puzzles and get out of there before it's too late!

Solve Puzzles on:

  • Single Or Multiplayer with Up to Six People!
  • Pc, Vive, Or Occulus
  • Cross platform puzzle solving


There are also three more rooms you can purchase as DLC.


PC and VR

Play on your PC and/or with a HTC VR Headset


Play Single Or Multiplayer with Up to Six People!

Solve all 4 Rooms

You can purchase 3 more rooms as Downloadable content

Available on Steam

You can Download it

For the creation of Cold as Ice we used a number of great assets from inspired creators. See the full list of attributions here!